AppSpy - Final release and Source Code

AppSpy is a little tool that lets you know technical information about your iPhone or iPod applications. The application tells you if there are any updates available for your apps, regardless if they are original or cracked.

Download version 0.9.9

Mac OS X Application
1.29 MB

Windows Executable
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Java Jar file
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Source code

Full source code available in GitHub
Open the project with NetBeans
Disclaimer and Support

AppSpy is not a program that lets you install not original apps. Each user is responsible for the use that they give to their respective iDevices.

If you liked the application and would like to get new versions, I would appreciate your support through donations. Actually, the future of the application depends directly of the support of the community. So please, help me to buy the coffee that allows me to write the code of AppSpy. :)

PD. Sorry for my horrible English. :)

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